Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Were The First That Last Forever...

Last week while participating on The Blog Hop i was really surprised to find out that a lot of people actually prefer to listen to music while reading then while writing. The question for last weeks Blog Hop was "What type of music do you listen to while reading?" Now when i saw the question i was a bit surprised because i kept thinking, who listens to music while reading? That's just a big distraction waiting to occur. Not to mention that it can definitely affect the experience for the reader while getting into whatever story they may be reading.

Nevertheless when i looked through everyone's blogs to find out their answer, i was stunned! A lot of people actually like to listen to music while reading! I suddenly felt strange (No really i did) because when i posted my answer for the question, i said:

I actually DON'T listen to music while reading, i feel that it's a distraction and can sort of manipulate the way you imagine a story while reading it. I do however listen to music while writing and i make playlist for each story that i work on :)

This is very true for me, i don't like to listen to music while reading but i do love to listen to while i write because music can take you back to a certain memory in your mind or it can bring out emotions you didn't realize you could feel (Now tell me what writer doesn't enjoy that? I mean that can be some pretty good inspiration if you ask me)

But then again, certain writers don't enjoy listening to music while writing, the actually feel the same way i feel about listening to music while reading; A distraction!

On to the topic of music, i felt like sharing a bit more info about my story The Voice Within Your Heart, (which i mentioned in the previous post) by posting up one of the songs in the playlist i have for the story:

Song: Last Forever by Thirteen Senses


Sunrise is over
You're walking on by
And I'm nowhere
Two lives driven by quakes
You're walking alive
So I'm no one

Angel see the signs
Don't worry leaving me behind

Ooh woah...

They walk out of their hiding place
Cause they're no one
Temper carries over
Your numbers have dropped
So you're no one

Angel see the signs
Don't worry leaving me behind
And our cruddy lives
Our best when shaped into a neck

And for all we gotta know
We're caught in one another

Be sure we were the first that last forever

There are 3 main characters in this story. This song fits the mood and perspective of the Protagonist towards another character.

A bit more info on these characters coming soon! :)

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iamjenai said...

hey thanks for stopping by my blog! yes, i find songs a distraction in reading books but newspapers, magazines, well definitely i can read and listen at the same time.

i know i know you're thinking it's too early for Friday Blog hopping but actually this is too too late for last week's hop. :) just had a crazy week but i'm definitely hopping again!

if you have time, come visit my "other" blog with my latest movie review about The Expendables:

have a fun blogging day!


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