Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Start of Something New/The Return of Something More

So if you're reading this post, i'm guessing you read the post on my other blog or you probably just stumbled upon :)

So then, off to the point. I haven't had time to blog or catch up on my Review pile (And boy do i have a lot of books that have to be reviewed soon!) for a couple of reasons! First one is that about 3 weeks ago my Dad and Grandma had to make an important trip to Guatemala concerning things with the family over there. 

Which meant that i had to stay home during my "Vacation" weeks from school with my Mom. Which i have to admit, were possibly the best weeks of the summer (Aside from the Cleaning Frenzy! So much was going on which is why i didn't have time to blog or read.)

A few things that happened was that i had to do a lot more around the house beside chores and feeding the dogs and cats. My Uncle has this tendency to go on a "Cleaning Frenzy" whenever my Dad isn't in the house. As if it makes him feel more in charge of the house (Sound like anyone you know?) This Frenzy includes: Garden Work and Patio Arrangement. 

Imagine waking up at 7 am on Saturday or spending the afternoon picking up weeds, raking leaves, chopping branches, and taking out every single thing in the patio and going through each item to figure out what to throw out or how to arrange it better.

I think i got a bit of a sun tan from being outside a lot during that time :) But as i said before those weeks were the BEST ones ever during the Summer because i obviously didn't have school which meant no homework or studying! Also... I got some INCREDIBLE inspiration for one of my stories. Especially a certain character who plays such an IMPORTANT role in the story, you could say that he's somewhat of a Main Character.

I will say that there were a few MAJOR changes to this Character. He was originally going to be British but now he is going to be Asian :) Now you might be wondering how does something like THAT happen? Well it was a dark and stormy night...wait... not exactly stormy but it was a RAINY night and i was up and listening to music and i decided to go through YouTube to see if i could find different versions of a specific song (Ordinary World by Duran Duran) which is one of the songs on the "Playlist" for this particular story.

I ended up finding this really cool and somewhat beautiful "Instrumental" version of the song that someone made and posted. When i started listening to it i started to look back at different scenarios in the story and found myself focusing on a particular part which is actually a dream that i had when i was 12. Before my eyes i started to see my Character transform into something... different...but it was as if he was revealing his true self to me.

I hope to find a picture or make a better description of this character in the near future! Onto a different point, My Dad and Grandma came back from their trip last week and i started the Fall Term at my college! Even though i took classes in the summer... perhaps its really official that i'm a Sophomore now! ;)

I LOVE MY CLASSES!!! Here is my schedule:

1. Math (Intermediate Algebra) BUT it's the last level in Remedial Math, by next Semester i'll be taking real College Algebra! :)

2. Advance Composition (More like a Debate Class merged with Computers)

3. Marine Biology (I find the subject REALLY interesting, as i LOVE the Sea)

4. A Survey of World Literature (Taking this class with my FAVORITE Professor!)

5. Creative Writing 2 (With the same professor who i took Creative 1 with- I'm still thinking as to how in the world i let myself take ANOTHER class with the dry humor man o_o)

Now that the first 2 weeks of the Semester have gone by, i can say that i am THRILLED with my schedule! Not to mention i have a class with probably one of the most Wicked Awesome people i know :) My Good friend Nicole.

We're going places this term! (Literally! Since she finally got her license!)

ALSO The Miami International Book Fair is in 2 months!!! And boy do i have so many things planned out for November for the Review Blog ;)

Hopefully by tonight i shall post my latest book review! Finally finished reading The Devil's Breath by David Gilman! Now i can go onto another book and work out a new reading routine that works with my schedule :)

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