Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something That's Different

How long can a person hold on to something? How long before they reach their breaking point? Because everyone has a breaking point, correct?


Oh, Hi there!

Didn't see you there... Haha!

Uh, no i wasn't talking to myself... just thinking out loud... thoughts that belong to another yet they pertain to me...

Let's just leave it at that! :)

I've been thinking about my story, the one that i mentioned that i feel that i could ACTUALLY write and get done, i think before i get you all confused by just calling every single i story i mention, "Story" i should just say the title of it.

So i present to you:

Book: The Voice Within Your Heart by Mevurah L. Deleon

Tagline: "Because Sometimes, the hardest thing to do... is to listen to your Heart"

This is the story that i mentioned in my previous post and i guess that this is the start of putting this work in progress together, by finishing my first draft and then go back and rewrite and edit and rewrite and edit.

The cover that you see is actually not the first one that i make for this story, i had a few others but in the end this was the one that i felt fit the story. I hope you guys are interested :) Because this is the beginning of another journey for me, and i would feel honored if you guys would tag along with me.

I don't have a synopsis written for this story yet ( I have no idea where to start on that but hopefully i'll have one posted soon)

More posts coming up! :)

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