Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We Were The First That Last Forever...

Last week while participating on The Blog Hop i was really surprised to find out that a lot of people actually prefer to listen to music while reading then while writing. The question for last weeks Blog Hop was "What type of music do you listen to while reading?" Now when i saw the question i was a bit surprised because i kept thinking, who listens to music while reading? That's just a big distraction waiting to occur. Not to mention that it can definitely affect the experience for the reader while getting into whatever story they may be reading.

Nevertheless when i looked through everyone's blogs to find out their answer, i was stunned! A lot of people actually like to listen to music while reading! I suddenly felt strange (No really i did) because when i posted my answer for the question, i said:

I actually DON'T listen to music while reading, i feel that it's a distraction and can sort of manipulate the way you imagine a story while reading it. I do however listen to music while writing and i make playlist for each story that i work on :)

This is very true for me, i don't like to listen to music while reading but i do love to listen to while i write because music can take you back to a certain memory in your mind or it can bring out emotions you didn't realize you could feel (Now tell me what writer doesn't enjoy that? I mean that can be some pretty good inspiration if you ask me)

But then again, certain writers don't enjoy listening to music while writing, the actually feel the same way i feel about listening to music while reading; A distraction!

On to the topic of music, i felt like sharing a bit more info about my story The Voice Within Your Heart, (which i mentioned in the previous post) by posting up one of the songs in the playlist i have for the story:

Song: Last Forever by Thirteen Senses


Sunrise is over
You're walking on by
And I'm nowhere
Two lives driven by quakes
You're walking alive
So I'm no one

Angel see the signs
Don't worry leaving me behind

Ooh woah...

They walk out of their hiding place
Cause they're no one
Temper carries over
Your numbers have dropped
So you're no one

Angel see the signs
Don't worry leaving me behind
And our cruddy lives
Our best when shaped into a neck

And for all we gotta know
We're caught in one another

Be sure we were the first that last forever

There are 3 main characters in this story. This song fits the mood and perspective of the Protagonist towards another character.

A bit more info on these characters coming soon! :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Something That's Different

How long can a person hold on to something? How long before they reach their breaking point? Because everyone has a breaking point, correct?


Oh, Hi there!

Didn't see you there... Haha!

Uh, no i wasn't talking to myself... just thinking out loud... thoughts that belong to another yet they pertain to me...

Let's just leave it at that! :)

I've been thinking about my story, the one that i mentioned that i feel that i could ACTUALLY write and get done, i think before i get you all confused by just calling every single i story i mention, "Story" i should just say the title of it.

So i present to you:

Book: The Voice Within Your Heart by Mevurah L. Deleon

Tagline: "Because Sometimes, the hardest thing to do... is to listen to your Heart"

This is the story that i mentioned in my previous post and i guess that this is the start of putting this work in progress together, by finishing my first draft and then go back and rewrite and edit and rewrite and edit.

The cover that you see is actually not the first one that i make for this story, i had a few others but in the end this was the one that i felt fit the story. I hope you guys are interested :) Because this is the beginning of another journey for me, and i would feel honored if you guys would tag along with me.

I don't have a synopsis written for this story yet ( I have no idea where to start on that but hopefully i'll have one posted soon)

More posts coming up! :)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Analysis

I feel the need to say that I won't be working on my Historical Fiction story now, maybe sometime in the near future but not now. But i do plan on getting more ideas together to make the story a bit fuller, give it more life (I've already written some notes). Today I was thinking about something that author Aprilynne Pike said on some website (I can't remember) but she said that sometimes when you get an idea for a story and get that rush of wanting to work on it right there and then, it doesn't work out so good. She also said that there is a good chance that your first idea for a novel or story won't do well when you submit the manuscript to a publisher. It all deals with your level of writing and length of time spent with your project.

My interpretation is that, i think with time your writing gets better. I can speak from experience because if you were to compare some of my writing from Middle School to my writing now (Story wise that is) There is a HUGE difference. You can definitely see the maturity and growth of my writing. I think this idea fits in with Story ideas in general. I believe, looking at all of my story ideas, putting them together from 1st to recent, i can definitely say that my first idea for a story won't be written anytime soon (I wonder how my 12 year old self would have reacted if she found out all that i have learned as a writer up to now- i think she might be even more lost then what she was to begin with)

In other words, i think the more time you spend with your idea, truly savoring it and letting it sink in your mind, it becomes better and when i say this i mean actually giving your mind a chance to imagine and imagine and take note of things that can fall into place with your story (I hope you understand what i mean)And this can be hard because out of nowhere you become blessed with new ideas for other stories or new ideas that fit in with one of your stories, thus leading your mind to play tricks on you and all of a sudden you want to focus on another particular story because you got inspired! Trust me! If you've experienced this then you know how much you love and hate it!

I've been going through all of my files on my external hard drive and reading through many things i have written (actual dialogue, scenes or little notes I've jotted down) And i noticed that there is one particular story that seems to have to a lot files (All of my stories are in separate folders) within it, more then any of my other story folders.

This story is actually a story completely different then any of my other ideas, this wasn't an idea that i came up with from a dream or from something that i saw, it was an idea that was slowly developing within my mind for 2 years, about a subject that i don't really find written about in books or used as the theme of the story. During these past 2 years, I've managed to lay out the ENTIRE story, from start to finish. I know the plot, characters and scenes to fill in the gaps. One reason why this idea is very different then my other ideas, is that this is the first attempt i make at writing in 1st Person. All of my other stories are narrated by 3rd person.

I kept thinking about this story today (Well in reality i've been thinking about it for 2 years, probably almost every single day- no lie) and i read a particular page i had written and i realized that story has potential to grow some more- right there another idea struck me that could fit within this story. I think that this story...might be the one that i can actually finish! That i can actually write! (I don't intend to make it sound like a Eureka moment or that i saw the light!)

To Be Continued...


I've been meaning to post this but i guess having lots of free time-Let's just say that i haven't been on the computer as often as i did while i was going to school, haha! Oh boy, where to start, where to start, where to start?!

So many ideas, thoughts, and memories going through my head during these past couple of days! I guess i should start by saying that i am EXTREMELY happy about passing all of my classes from the Summer term!! Especially the fact that i got an A in English! I feel so PROUD! Okay...maybe it's not a big deal...but to me it is :)

This past term, i actually laughed so much! I had a blast! Especially in Math and English! I loved both classes so much! I met some Wicked Awesome people and i plan on keeping in touch with them :) No to mention i learned A LOT! Specifically in math...because let me be honest... i can be pretty lousy when it comes to the subject...equations, factoring and square roots... yeah...not my thing...  BUT this semester, i finally learned how to tackle them and UNDERSTAND the concept! :)

I would also like to point out that it was the second time i took this specific Math Course because i failed it during the Spring Term and let's just say that when i found out i failed... i felt horrible. I honestly dreaded the fact that i had to take the class over and that i had no choice but to take it over during the Summer. I kept thinking to myself "Oh My God, i'm going to hate myself for failing and taking this class over, i'm going to feel miserable in the class!" And when i say miserable, its because i would no longer be taking Math with my friend Nicole, whom i met last year in my first Math class.

But looking back at the summer, i can't believe how wrong i was and just how much fun i had in the class! Especially with my classmates Monique, Jacqueline, and Robert! We had a lot of laughs during class but we still learned  :)

As for English, WOW! Not only did i learn and do well in the class but i became INSPIRED! I believe i mentioned in my previous post that i became inspired and came up with an idea for a new story :) Well i think i should elaborate more on that, don't you think? 50 % of the final grade for English would be counted from a Research Paper that my professor told the class about during the first day of the term. We were allowed to think for a good amount of time on what we wanted to write our paper on and then begin to conduct the necessary research.

The first thing that came to my mind was Harry Potter, because A- It's my all time favorite book series, B- I love everything about it, and C- I knew there would be a lot of sources that i could use for the paper. The only thing though that actually made me change my mind was that i had already written an essay about Harry Potter for the first assignment for the class. My professor is the coolest professor ever and i knew she wouldn't have a problem with me writing about Harry Potter again but deep down, i felt that i would be doing a lazy thing if i did write about it, so i did what any other person would have done- i changed my topic and started back at Square 1 and began to think of other things i would like to write about.

Thus leading to the start of what i would later realize, would be the beginning of an Idea. My mind drifted off through memories of Middle School, circulating a particular one during 8th grade. One of my favorite classes was US History and during a lesson of a particular war, my teacher showed us a movie about this particular soldier who fought during that war, who in my opinion is a true hero (Notice how i'm not saying who or what war it is! Muahaha!....Sorry! I will reveal this soon! I promise! Don't throw a shoe at me hehe)

Since that time when i saw that particular movie, I've never forgotten about the soldier. I then decided that i would write my paper about his life because everyone who has studied the war he fought in, only knows of what he contributed as a soldier but not of his personal life. Who was he really? What was he like? Were a few questions i asked myself while conducting my research. 

When i went to my Professor's office to pick up my paper on the last day of the semester, we had a conversation that lasted for about half an hour. She loved my paper and we talked about writing and literature and a few of my suggestions that i wish my campus would take into consideration which is to open more literature classes on my campus but that might not happen (It's all Economics) We also came to the topic of publishing and she showed me a book of poems that she got published and i told her how i felt about writing and i asked her if she has ever written a story or wanted to work on a Novel which she replied, saying that she did but she could never finish it and that there wasn't much time for her to work on it but she would rather work on Poetry.

Her novel or idea for a novel was in fact a Historical Fiction idea and right when she told me that, i felt that i had to tell someone about this new idea that i got, inspired by my research paper. Turns out that she was going to ask me a similar question! If i discovered something while writing my paper (I tell you, i was FREAKING out when i started telling her about my idea and how i felt! She understood me!) I told her that i got an idea for a story and that it would be a Historical Fiction novel and that this was something COMPLETELY NEW to me because i never EVER thought of writing Historical Fiction! Most of my ideas are real life fiction, paranormal or fantasy! 

She smiled at me and said "That is Great! Fantastic! You already started though! You have your paper to lead the way!" I replied saying that i still wouldn't know where to start but she reassured me that most of the blank spaces are already filled, i just need to find that magic touch to add that will make it my own creation! My professor then asked me if i ever considered joining the Literary Magazine staff at my campus and i told her that i did! (I honestly did, because my Creative Writing Professor from Spring Term had recommended it, but he just never properly explained how one goes about joining the staff) How ironic is it that my English professor is the one in charge of it!? 

She said she would love for me to join and asked for my email address so she could send me info on when the first meeting will be! But either way i will be seeing her again because i'm going to be taking a Literature class with her! :)

I plan on posting a couple of things, maybe later today! So keep a lookout for them!