Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weekly Music Discovery (2)

Hello Music Lovers! (Or regular followers!) Here is this weeks WMD! (Weekly Music Discovery- I think I might stick with this name for the meme!)

1. Teachin' Myself To Dream by Katy Rose

The first time that I heard of Katy Rose would have to be back in 2003. I recall reading an article about her in a teen magazine, featuring her unique genre of "Depressing Pop/ Indie". The firsr time that I did hear a song by her was in the film Mean Girls, in which her song "Overdrive" was featured in the soundtrack. I liked the song but for some reason, it never crossed my mind to look up more of her songs. For this discover, I definitely have to thank my friend Gaby who made a LONG list of song recommendations and listed the song "Teachin' Myself To Dream". She even specifically listed the song for me because she knows that I'm a Dreamer :)

When I listened to the song, I immediately liked it! The beat and lyrics are spot on! I'm glad Gabby listed the song in her playlist! ^_^

I throw myself into the rain, 
as we run down these old train tracks again, 
The moon is naked in the sky, 
so maybe you and I could fly, or pretend, 

As the stars fall from grace, 
and light your glowing face, 
I'm teachin' myself to dream, 
I'm holding my breath to scream, 
I'm teachin' myself to believe in the things I don't understand,
I don't even know if they're true, 
that's what dreamers do, 

Can't say what day it is or year, 
but thou shalt have no fear, 
for I know your name, 

You can't believe what I did, 
and maybe I'm just a kid, 
but then we're the same, 

I watch the hours throught the glass, 
and know the time will finally pass,

I'm teachin' myself to dream, 
I'm learning what love can be, 
I'm teaching myself to, 
believe in the things I don't understand, 
I don't even know if they're true, 
That's what dreamers do,

Stapled eyes can't open until waking, 
and all your lies will be your undertaking, 

I let mind dance and flow, 
we'll make magic and I'll know, 
as the lilacs slowly grow, 
all my dreams are true (repeat chorus)

2. Official Song For Delirium

About a week ago Harper Teen uploaded this video onto their official YouTube channel. When I saw this video in my sub box, I didn't want to listen to it yet because I was about to start reading my ARC of Delirium and I wanted to hear it after I was done with the book. 

I've just finished reading the book and I'm still a bit shaken from the ending. WOW. It's definitely going to be tough to write a review for this book because I have a lot of different thoughts running through my head at this moment.

As for this song, I actually like it! I'm curious as to why Harper Teen uploaded this and who is the singer/writer of the song! I happened to make a post about this song on The Heart of Dreams! So for those of you who've already seen the post, there's nothing wrong with giving this song another listen! ^_^

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Thank you so much for blogging/facebooking the song! I'm sorry for being late in seeing it, but I really appreciate it! :-)

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