Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I can't believe this is my first post for Words of Haunted Dreams! I've been anticipating this day for what feels like a LONG TIME, when in fact it was just two weeks! After blogging for 8 months at The Heart of Dreams, i never would have imagine just how much i would love blogging. The Heart of Dreams was intended to be a blog that consisted of "A Little Bit of Everything" aside from just books and reviews, but after experiencing and learning so many things about the world of blogging, i realized that The Heart of Dreams would be what its name was meant to be.

Books and reading is the heart of my life as a writer. Reading stories and imagining them in my head since i was a little girl, of places and different worlds and faces- that is what started my love for writing. I wanted to create a story that would leave people thinking, long after they've read it. I wanted to inspire people like the way other stories have inspired me and i wanted to give people a story that they could be lost within, almost like a hidden world just for them to hide in.

From these thoughts came my dream of writing, well part of it- there is a whole other story pertaining to how that dream grew into a an entire world for me. Sharing my thoughts on books that i've read has also played a contributing factor as well. I love to spread the word on good stories and my excitement to read upcoming book releases. Blogging has given me the opportunity to this and talk to all of you guys about it. When i was in High School i used to get awkward looks from my classmates during whatever free time we had during classes or lunch. Instead of talking to people or sleeping, i would either be reading or writing. 

I used to get happy though when i would get asked what book i was reading and what it was about, but looking back i think i might have scared people away when i talked about it because i had a lot to say about the book. Most of my classmates at that time hated reading and i guess i was the only one who really appreciated it and enjoyed it. 

Any ways, this is the meaning behind the name of The Heart of Dreams and i hope it makes sense to you guys. Back to what i mentioned earlier about having to wait a while to fix this blog, the past two weeks consisted of nothing but homework! Math problems, philosophy study questions and my 10 page term paper for English!! Let me say that working on that term paper, was quite an experience for me!

It required a lot of my attention, it was hectic, but i enjoyed working on it so much! There was even a great surprise at the end of working on the paper! An idea was forming in my mind from the topic i had chosen to write my paper on (Now i won't say what my topic was...yet... because... its a surprise!!!)Scenes started to play in my mind and i started seeing faces and hearing words. An idea for a book was given to me.

As i write this post i have this big smile on my face because this idea is completely different then from any of my other ideas for stories! This is something... really special. Now i'm sure you guys must be wondering what the hell is this idea but i won't share any details right now because this idea is really raw at the moment! I want to keep savoring this discovery and let it grow for a while but i promise to share with you guys some info on it.

In case you haven't realized why i made this new blog, its because i want to be able to document and share my journey of a young girl who has a heart of dreams, of a world of stories and writing. Words of Haunted Dreams has its own meaning just like The Heart of Dreams. I will also share that meaning sometime in the near future!

Before i wrap this up i would like to take this time to thank my good friend Nicole for her help! (Once again!) with the banner for this blog! You rock dude! And i also want to thank Kirthi for being my very first follower on this blog! You're such a creative and cool person Kirthi! Guys! Go and follower her blogs! Pages and Dreaming In The Rain :)


Janet Johnson said...

Good luck with your new blog!

Kirthi said...

Aw, thanks! I enjoyed reading your story, and I have to say, we are SO alike! I loved imagining stories in my head, I often wrote down snippets and told them to my Dad, my ever attentive listener.
Your idea sounds mouthwatering...I want to know!!!
"Heart of Dreams" and "Words of Haunted Dreams" are such magical and "elvish" titles. I wish I were so creative as to come up with those on my own!
I look forward to reading all about your writing!

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